What is TOR Browser & How to Use Tor Browser ?


Hey Readers, Thanks to visit once again . Today I will discuss about, What is TOR Browser & How to Use Tor Browser| How Tor Work Download ,as you know that all the information is available online. There is no easy for anyone to get the information without internet. Whether you are at school. in the office or at your own home, you need the internet for some reason.tor browser how to use how to worksIf your device has internet, you can access the whole world from anything from the help of the internet, but where the internet has given us so much comfort, every Internet user has been exposed by the Internet and no Internet user privacy,If we do legal or non legal on internet then , Anybody can track my IP Adresss,

What is Tor Browser ?

Tor browser is a browsing software that allows users to access web sites anonymously and your real IP address is never exposed. Tor was developed under Tor Project (nonprofit organization) whose main objective was freedom from Open Internet.Tor was originally called the Onion Router because it used to hide the user activity by using the onion routing technique. 

tor browser how to works

However funding for this project was largely brought by the United States government, but later he called this project a tool to promote authoritative power.

TOR is also called “the onion router” It is a network that hides the user from the Internet or can also say that its use does not have the real identity of the user on the internet, in a way it does not disappear from the internet. With this he avoids any type of location tracking and surveillance.

Download TOR Browser For Computer/Laptop 

Through the given link you can easily download Tor Browser – Download TOR Browser

TOR browser For android

Orbot – Proxy with tor for
Orfox – mobile version of android devices

Funding & Development Of  Tor Browser 

TOR works on the basis of “onion routing” which was made by Paul Syverson, Michael G. Reed and David Goldschlag in the States Naval Research Lab in 1990. tor browser funding and developmentIts alpha version name was “the onion routing project” or the TOR project, which was created jointly by RogerDingledine and Nick Mathewson and it was launched on September 20, 2002.Further development was under the “Electronic Frontier Foundation” (EFF).

  • The TOR Project Inc, It is a non-profit organization that maintains Tor and takes responsibility for its development.
  • Its funds are funded by the United States government and some funding from the Swedish government and some non-governmental organizations.

How Tor Browser Works ?

Like many layers in the onion, so many layers are made in tor, tor multi-layerd creates encryption through which data is exchanged and the user’s identity is also safe. To hide the user on the internet It can also hide any website and any server with the help of tor search service and bit torrent like peer2peer application can also use tor network.

  •  The story of Tor was not correct, it was too much to face defiance. People said that it is becoming a means of illegal activities like drugs dealing, Hiring shooters,gambling, data breachting etc.
  • This is called “the king of high secure, low latency anonimity” by the United States security agency, because with its help, any person hiding on the internet.

Following Activity You Can Do Using Tor Browser

  • By using TOR, Parents guard the privacy of their children. When children use online Internet, they share their identity and location even when they do not want to. In this case, TOR is very laborious and the privacy of children is safe on using TOR.
  • To use TOR to research: For many countries, religion or other reasons, some websites, keywords and topics have been banned by the governments of those countries. In that case, researchers will not be able to share their identity with research on related information from these topics or Can access.
  • This is very useful in keeping your identity safe from market researchers or identify thieves.
  • If there is a site in your country, you can open them using TOR, as some countries have facebook and youtube ben, people can open these sites using TOR.
  • You must have seen in a few days that attacks on Media, Bloggers and journalist are increasing. In this case, Tor Browser is a very useful tool for these professionals where they can show their identity without any fear, their work without fear and their thoughts can be honest in front.
  • TOR is used by informers, police, law officers, ethical hackers and others to use TOR for the protection and supervision of the law.
  • Hacker Also use the tor browser in both Purpose right way and also wrong way .White Hate hackers and Black hate hackers also.

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