What is Article 13 ? Europe’s Article 13 in india Constitution.

Article 13 is part of the proposed EU copyright law

Guys ,I am Going to talk about Article 13 . As you know that Article 13 is linked to fundamental rights. Whatever the fundamental rights, according to this, any laws which are incompatible without article 13.

Indian Constitution Article 13 has the name Laws inconsistent with  the derogation of the fundamental rights, incompatible or abusive laws with fundamental rights.

What is Europe’s Article 13 ?

Now let’s talk about what is the European Union’s Article 13? So I would like to tell you that Article 13 is part of the proposed EU copyright law to better preserve creativity; Content of copyright holders is not intended to be misused online on the internet, it is intended to protect it.

By the way, this law has not yet been made. Article 13 is not a law There is still a debate in the European Union, all members are not keeping their views. Article 13 Whether or not the law will prevail, it will be known in a few days. And if this law becomes even then it will take at least two years to implement it.

Effects of Article 13 on Internet,  & Social Media

If this article becomes law 13, then any online content creator will not be able to use even a small part of another’s content. It would be great for copyright holders to have their content protected, but it’s like a curse for content creators like us.

With the implementation of the proposed proposed version of Article 13, now the notice-and-takedown system on YouTube will end.

  • If you use someone else’s content in your video or post, then it will not be uploaded.As you know that any copyright content found in your YouTube video,
  • So first you are informed about it, then your video is deleted. However, due to the implementation of this Article 13, at the time of upload, there will be a copyright message on it and it will not be uploaded.
  • Article 13 will not only affect YouTube, but it also will be victimized by almost all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Dailymotion ,Snapchat and other social media .

At present, there are many rules for copyright content on YouTube. When article 13  becomes , many copyrighted videos is forced to be deleted. The videos that you have uploaded before and which you will do at that time will not all be according to that law.

Article 13 Copyright Law in India

Now a lot of you will have a question in mind that India should be a part of Article 13 ? If you are from India or non-European country, will it be affected by Article 13?For example, I am from India and now the videos on my YouTube channel;

They can be seen in any country. When this article becomes copyright law, my videos will not be opened in Europe. All my videos will be blocked in the European Areas.

Along with this, if it applies internationally, then nobody is well. Depending on which section 13 guidelines you have, you have to publish your content on the internet. Whether you are uploading videos to YouTube or sharing some copyright content in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media platform, all will be subject to Article 13.

Copyright Law Article 13

Friends, many people do not know about copyright. So the creativity of any person i.e. creativity is due to its hard work. As such, a painter’s artwork and  painting is his own creation.If another person uses his creation without permission from that artist, then it is against the law and this is called copyright infringement. copyright content is violated.

Under the Copyright Material, images, artwork, music tracks, songs, software, excerpts from books, parodies, and more different forms of creativity

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