How To transfer youtube videos from one YouTube channel to other

how to tranfer youtube videos channel subscriber comments with step by step

If you want to transfer  YouTube videos to other YouTube channel or your brand account. Then it is possible. in this article, I will tell you that to transfer your YouTube video form one YouTube channel to another.

If you follow our steps then you can easily transfer youTube videos to other YouTube channel.

When you transfer your youtube videos then your Youtube channel And thier contents  also will be tranfer.

What Contents Will Be Transfer ?

  1. Your Youtube Channel 
  2. Youtube Videos
  3. Your Youtube Subscribers
  4. Your Comments 

NOTE : Keep in mind that if you’re going to transfer your videos, then another channel must be in same google account. .So that

Step To Transfer Youtube Videos To Other Channel

1. First you have to bro official website of and sign in using your Google Gmail account and password . then click on your profile picture as you can see that on a screenshot. Then you have to click on Gear icon that is call setting icon.How to move youtube channel to other youtube channel
2. You will see your account overview , thenyou click on Advanced option button.How to move youtube channel to other youtube channel
3. Advanced option will be looking here, you have to click on ” Move channel to brand account or DIfferent brand account. “HenceHow to move youtube channel to other youtube channel
4. Now you will redirected to login account Password for confirmation purpose.How to move youtube channel to other youtube channel5. Now a page will be open like this , you have to click on Select Desired account Button. transfer your youtube channel hindi

6 . Now you can see your already created youTube channel And Non created channel, keep in mind that if you don’t have created youTube channel, then I highly recommend to create new YouTube channel as a brand account.How to move youtube channel to other youtube channel

7.  A page will be open and YouTube give you notification  that Your all content to other YouTube channel then your all old account or Youtube Channels datas will be deleted. You have to click on red button to Delete  channel.becauseHow to move youtube channel to other youtube channel

8. In this page will see Two  options

  • My Channel NowTransfer youtube channel 
  • My Channel After Move.

You have to check, are you sure? You want Shift this channel.Here, you have to click on Move channel button, As you can see in a screenshot below.move your youtube channel transfer

9 .Once you click on Move channel button then YouTube will ask To you  ” Are you sure want to move and update your channel “  then click on Move channel button.How to move youtube channel to other youtube channel hindi dream tech

Keep in mind that your YouTube channel URL will not be transfer.You Videos , And Subscriber ,comments will be trasnfer.

I think that I have completed all the step to transfer YouTube channel And Video. to other can access your tranfered channel as a old channel.

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