Top 5 Way To Earn Money With Youtube Without Investment

earn money online with youtube

If we talk online to earn money,then youtube come first .I already written article on youtube related posts,Today i am going to share some legal ways to make money with youtube.

As you know that youtube is a derived by google .Now a days, Youtube is most popular social media website of the world,there are many videos are available on youtube.Many websites or business owners use youtube for promote his business or service.

Youtube also offer youtube publisher or creater to generate revenue from thier video,If you having idea to upload  & monetize videos on youtube,then you can easily earn a lot of money.

5 Way To Earn money With Youtube

But i am going to tell you that You can earn money from different-different way with help of youtube.

1.  Upload Videos & Enable Monetizse With Adsense

Youtube is a most source to earn money, there are many peoples earning a lot of money with youtube.If you want to make career on youtube ,then you have to upload some intresting & usefull videos on youtube .,then you can earn money through monetizing your videos and associate your channel with google adsense Account .

Google adsense is advertising service of google which pay money for showing ads on your property like,videos,blog,website .

Your youtube channel are getting minimum 2,000-3,000 per day views ,then you can easily monetize your videos and associate with adsense account.

2.Earn With Affiliate Marketing

When we talk make moeny online,so affiliate marketing may be best source to generate or increase your earning .If your youtube channel having more subscriber and getiing views .You can join affiliate programe of any company to promote their product.

You can use your youtube channel to promote,When you join affiliate programe ,then that company provide you a unique affiliate have to request visitor for buy that product .

When any viewer or visitor buy that product promoted by your affiliate link,then you will get commission of each sold product.Commission may be 5 % to 30 % of each product,its depends on cotegories of product.You have to request buy that product using your affiliate link ,other wise you will not get commission .

There are many company offer affiliate programe like amazon,ebay, flipkart
etc. Affiliate product may be any things like,Mobile,labtop,cloths,tv,etc.

3.Make Money With Paid Review

You can earn money with help of youtube by promoting product of any company,You have to make video of any companies product,then that company pay you money for that video.

You have to contact for which comapny’s product, you want to will need to request that i will advertise your product or make video review .When company will agree with your deal ,then you have to make video for that company product.

One your video reviews will approved by that particular company,then you will get good money for that video reviews.

Company will pay you a fixed money like 50$ to 1000$.Its depends on company that how much they agree to pay you.

If apply these technique to make earn money,then you must be to have more subscriber and visitor     .

4.Promote Own Product or Services

If you having own product or services ,you can increase your sales and make a lot of money. You tell the audience about your product with help of own video. You can promote local business or online service.

For example ,you have online service or business of web designing,when audience will know about your product.

Then anyone have to need website designer ,they will contact you and order that service.they will pay to you money for that work. Using this technique ,You can triple your sales and earn a lot of money.

5. Multi Level Marketing (MlM) Business.

You can earn money with help of youtube ,I recomend to Join Any trusted multi level marketing business &  grow your team members and get startted to earn money with help of youtube.You tube can help to earn more profits of business.

These Business may be like Product base or Crowdfunding.If you are a mlm member then you tube can help you to grow your profits.

I hope that this post was very intresting & usefull for you.Don’t forget to like and share my post.If you have any question for me,then you can feel free to ask,

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