How To Monetize YouTube video Channel Step by Step Guide For Begineer

How to monetize youtube video
how to monetize youtube video

Today ,i will write article about  monetize youtube video. if you have monetised youtube videos .You can earn a lot of money from your videos .Every youtube channel owner wish to monetise  videos but they don’t have idea to monetize .

Do you know ? Maney youtube channel owner earns 1-10 lac per month from his video by monetising and associal his channel with google adsense .

In last post ,i post about creating youtube channel .Google AdSense is a Google program that helps publishers make money from their content. As a YouTube creator, you can join the publisher program to start making money from your videos.

Steps For Monetize youtube video

Step A. First you will need to login your youtube account using your google account .

Step B. Click on side of  youtube logo then click on channel link,Now you need to go on video manegar,as you clickon video manegar, a page will be open that is your list of uploaded video .

Step C.You can  see here,Two icons are available ,if  your video will be monetized then third option will be also active.

.how to monetize video for youtube

Now you need to click on Channel link,the page will be open like this.If you want keep it Enable.
monetise your videoStep D. Now a new page will be open like this,Click Get Start.

monetize youtube video

Step E. You can see here ,there are four boxes given ,i suggest you to do it correct sign then click on I accept.

How to monetize your youtube video free

Step F. Next page will be open  ,You click on Monetize.

After clicking on Monetize ,you will redirect to your video manager,If 3rd green  icon box with sign $ is showing that is sign of monetized video.Your video has got monetize , then Ads also display on your video,but you will not get money .When you  associate your youtube channel with Google adsense account then you will eble to make money from your video.

If you want  associate your youtube channel with Google adsense then read my given post

How to associate your youtube channel with Adsense account.

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