Monetize YouTube Channel with Google Adsense

How to monetize youtube channel with google Adsense
how can i monetize youtube channel

If you have create youtube channel and also have some video,You want associate or monetize youtube channel with  google adsense account .

Last time i shared article about create youtube channel and Monetize youtube video .If you didn’t create adsense account then i suggest to create one.

Do you know ? Many youtube publisher make a lot of money from his video.One of the easiest way to monetize your video to enable th monetization for your account, and link it to your google adsense account,in this post,we tell you step by step for monetize or link your channel with adsense account.

Associate Youtube channel with Google adsense

Step  1 .Go to youtube adress then Click on Sign in Section ,Sign in using your google account id and password.Click side of youtube logo then go toMy Channel

how to link youtube with adsense

Step 2. A page will be open ,You need to click on video manager .

how to link adsense with youtube

Step 3.Now click on Channel as given in screenshot below.

link adsense with youtube account

Step 4. Go to Monetization Area and click 0n Enable button and you will be guided to complete a monetization agreement. ,Befor assciating your youtube channel with adsense you must be verified youtube to associate youtube channel with google adsense

Now  option to monetize your videos, but you will need to link your YouTube account to an Adsense account to receive money from adsense account.

Step 5. Here,you can your account is enabled for monetizati under account status.Once you enable the monetization for your account and complete the youtube monetization agreement, there’s one more step left to do.

Monetize youtube channel

You will get a Email that is link to associate your account with google adsense then Click on Link your account, like this

How to link adsense to youtube account

Step 7. As you click using link by any mathod then Apage will be open like this Wellcome massage of google adsense” Wellcome to Google Adsensehow to link adsense account with youtube

If you have already Google Adsense account then Click on Yes ,If you dont have adsense account Click on Create a New Adsense Account.

Remember: Your youtube account and google adsense account must be defferent ,for example your youtube account is [email protected] and you adsense account [email protected]

After clicking on Yes .You will need to Sign In using your adsense account id and password,

Step 8.You can see as given below inscrenshot ,here you will need to select your Country Language ,i recommed you to select you it English-Englishhow to connect adsense with youtube account

After selecting Language Click on Accept Association and go ahead.As you click Accept association you will redirect  to Conform detail page ,you can see below in sreenshot.

How to link adsense account to youtube step


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