What is Marianas web ? How to Access Marianas Web/Deep Web,Dark Web.


 Today , i will talk about Marianas web .As you know that Google has now become a part of our everyday life. Most of you users believe that search engines give you millions of results &  they do not hide anything from them. ,you can search many sites on the Internet. If I will tell you that search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, which give millions of results to you in one click, is this only 5% of all internet? you can see only 5% of the internet through Google or other search engine and the rest 95% of the Internet is hidden . The 5%part of internet that you can easily access via search engine is called Surface Web. there will be a question in your mind, then Where is the rest 95% part of internet ?.

What is Marianas Web ?

The name Mariana Web is taken from the world’s deepest sea marianas ocean. You can consider mariana web as the last and deepest part of internet.By the way, it is only considered that there is no evidence available yet. But experts believe that mariana web is present.

Experts believe that marianas web is created just for some organizations like NASA or US Presidental. Where the secrets of both of these are kept. And mariana web is the more secure because no one can go there.

I have already written article about Surface Web, deep web,dark web , if you do not know  then First read out my old blog post. Lets ! Once again ,i want to discuss about theme. When we open websites  through Google or any search engine such as Facebook, Amazon etc. This is called Surface Web.in Deep Web Actually there may be a company database,Govt important documents, Big Ognization file.

How Can i Access Marianas Web ?

You can not  access deep web without TOr Browser and you will need address to access it, without address we can not access Deep webBecause Deep web not index on Google ,bing,yahoo search engine.


You can not access the Marianas web because a key is needed to access this web which is difficult to find.I have question that it can be hacked? It can not be hacked because in order to hack this web we need a quantum computer which is not yet available in present time..

What is Quantum Computer ?

Quantum computer is a type of super computer, its processing speed is more than 1000 times as compared to a normal computer. ACCESS MARIANAS WEB DARK WEBIt is believed that only four quantum computers will be computing needs of the entire computer.

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