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Friends,My many readers asked to me that How to make money on youtube? Do you want to earn money online?..If yes ? So you setup a channel on Youtube.How to make money on youtube

Because on YouTube one billion users come in a month. This is a large number of viewers, Many people are already making money through youtube.How to make money on youtube

YouTube offers one Million people a chance to earn money through their Youtube partner program, It is very easy to start.

Advantages & How to make money on Youtube ?

1. Incease your website traffic

If you have a website or blog that you want to earn money from. then you will need more traffic. Many of the websites have been badly damaged by Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.6 Steps to make money online from youtube

If this happens to you then you will be very sad. You can not only bring Traffic through YouTube but also increase it. 

2. Promote own products

If you have any products, then you can promote it through countless ways of Youube and earn more money.How to make money on youtube

That product can be any kind of, Such as Art, ebook, App and Music, make any of your products like this and add it to the Shopping Cart. And then use YouTube to promote it.

3. Earn money with youtube with help of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means that in exchange for a commission, any other major company such as promoting the product of Amazon and ebay and promotion of products of other small companies can also be included in it. How to make money on youtube tutorialsThere are so many affiliate networks of this type can be connected.

4. Start own web series

YouTube gives you the opportunity to create Web TV Shows,Many youtubers are making money on youtube, If you are limited only with your imagination and Budget. You can create a Comedy Series and Drama you know?How to make money on youtube

Also be very careful that YouTube gives you only 10 minutes of free video video, and you have to pay some money to YouTube for putting a longer time video.How to make money on youtube

5. Become Youtube star

YouTube stars can earn as much money as possible, for example, bluexephos has billions of views, which gives $ 10 each one thousand views.How to make money on youtube tutorials

If you have amazing ideas, you can also put those ideas on your YouTube channel. You can never even imagine that you will be the next Star of YouTube.

6 Make money with Youtube by Monetization

After you have some creative videos, it’s a great time to add those videos to the Youtube partner program.

All you have to do is enable your channel for monetization and you will start earning advertising on YouTube.

How to make high quality videos?

If you are recording from your smartphone, you will not get any special advantage of being content. How to make money on youtube

It’s important to have a good camera quality and you need to record your videos in 1080p HD.

  • Video Editing Software :Very good video editing software is available for both PCs and Macs. Adobe Premier is a great option for new users.
  • Sound recording equipment: Most cameras have microphones, but if you want the best sound quality then you need to buy a good microphone.
  • Lighting Setup : this is not essential, but some Youtubers give it special importance.

How to improve your videos for better revenue from your YouTube channel

  • Choose your preferred area : You must first select one of your favorite areas on YouTube. You should think a little bit about what you can do better and do you think that you will succeed in it.
  • Choose a good name :You should choose your username, which is easily remembered by the people. Do not use numbers and random words in it.
  • Understanding and related titles : Make your headline simple and understandable. In this way people will also remember it and if they want to get similar information, then more and more people will be able to reach it easily.
  • Upload continuously : If you stop posting in it then the viewer will not be able to increase. Remember that for as long as you keep those audiences connected to your channel, the more you earn money.

Perhaps, You are so lucky that any of your video clips become viral and you earn millions of rupees from it. You can also make a good income by updating the content daily.

To earn money from YouTube, you must use Google Adsense primarily. Google Adsense is a very simple programme. Google Adsense gives you the chance to earn money online from your website or youtube videos.

When you sign up to YouTube and if you create a large number of followers and views, you will be asked in an email if you want to monetise your videos. Then you can choose videos to monetise from which you want to earn money.How to make money on youtube

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