How To Increase Google Adsense CPC and Adsense Revenue


There are lots of ways to earn money from blogs and usually by making ads, blogs are made from blogs and Google Adsense is used to place ads on blogs, but if your blog’s Google Adsense CPC and Google Adsense Revenue are very low How To Increase Google Adsense CPC and Adsense Revenue.Because every blogger wants to earn money from his blog, but after doing so many jobs, he is able to earn a lot of money, which is to be headed by Google Adsense CPC.

increase Google Adsense CPC and Revenue

Because more or less of your Google Adsense revenue depends largely on it if your blog’s Google Adsense CPC is high then you can earn good revenue from your blog, so it is very important to have a Google Adsense CPC High for the blog. How To Increase Google Adsense CPC and Adsense Revenue

Google adsense CPC is low when we make a blog by becoming a blog and it is usually lower in Google Adsense but in India it can be increased but Google Adsense CPC can be increased first, for that you first need Google Adsense CPC, CTR It is very important to be aware of CPM.

Google Adsense CPC

The full name of CPC is Cost Per Click that means when someone clicks on the ads shown by Google Adsense on your blog, you get the money according to each click and how much money it gets is called CPC ie Cost Per Click.The more your blog’s Google Adsense CPC is higher, the more Google Adsense Revenue is, by visiting Google Adsense Account, you can check your daily blog CPCs.

Google Adsense CTR

The CTR’s full name is Clickthrough Rate, which means what percentage of clicks is being done by Google on all the ads shown on your blog, for example, on your blog get  100 ads are displayed Google and 10 times If clicked then Blog CTR is 10 percent.

Google Adsense CPM

This is also an important factor to increase the Google Adsense Revenue, which is called Cost Per Thounsand, indicating how much money is paid by Google adsense for 1000 impressions on your blog, so the higher your CPM, your Google Adsense Revenue grows.

How to Increase Google Adsense CPC ?

Usually Hindi Blog CPC in India is very low due to which Google Adsense Revenue is also very low because we get paid to click on the ad, in such a situation, if the blog CPC is low, then we get very little money.

That’s why our blog’s CPC needs to be high, so we are going to tell you some ways you can use to increase your blog’s CPCs.

  • If you have recently applied Google ads to your blog, then it is natural that you are given a low CPC in the beginning.

But if you target your blog by targeting a country where the currency’s value is high, then you get high CPC like United States, Australia, Canada, Marshal Islands, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland etc.

Organic Traffic

The most important thing to earn money from any blog is to have traffic on that blog, so it’s no use to advertise on non-traffic blogs, as long as you do not see ads on your blog, by putting an advertisement on the blog Can not earn money.

In the beginning, you get traffic from Social Media, which gives you low CPC, so try to do more and more Organic Traffic Lanes on the blog i.e., if someone comes to your blog via Search Engine, then you get High CPC.

Therefore, Search Engine Optimize Blog which helps you get Organic Traffic, and this is a way that you can bring thousands of visitors to your blog every day.

Google Adsense Ads Size

It is very important that you choose the right ads size on your blog as you get adsense CPC on the blog according to the size of any type of ads you put on the blog.

Now it does not mean that you go to a blog of a big blogger and create similar ads and put it on your blog because it is not necessary that they will get you high CPC too.

Therefore it is very important to use ads size and ads location correctly

These ads are the most used to increase blog CPCs. You can also increase your blog’s google adsense CPC by creating an Ads Unit.


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