How to Earn Money Through Meesho App Work From Home


Meesho app is an app where you can directly resell  any product by putting a margin on meesho product. I mean messho app is a reseller app where you can resell the product and take profits.Now it comes to how to earn money from the Man point meesho app.

You can earn money by reselling the product on Meesho app, you can earn money by sharing the meesho app in friends. By sharing the app in friends Comission will be received when your friend sells a product then

You can download Meesho App by downloading it directly in the Play Store.

How to create an account in the Meesho app ?

1. After Downloading you first open Meesho App,then  you will have to give your mobile number first.

If you put my referrer code in the Meesho app, then you will get a maximum discount of 150 rupees on your first order.

2. After that there will be an OTP in your mobile, after entering it you will have a full dashboard of Meesho App.

3. Now you can see the options of Collections, Orders, Learn and Account at the very bottom. First you go to the Account section and give your personal details & bank account details.

Meesho app is a great app through which anybody sitting in the house. You can earn money by setting up their margins by sharing the product by sharing it on social media.

Guys,You must tell that if you have any other way to earn money from, do not forget to share it with friends.


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