How To Earn Money Online With Niche Blog? Without Investment


Niche Blog means focusing your blog or website on any subject or region and writing all kinds of articles related to that topic.There are many peoples ask me about earn money online without investment for students.and without paying any things.How To Earn Money Online With Niche BlogJust i am going to disccus about that is actually make money online without invest money .As if you want choose Health topic, Niche Blog will mean that you write about Health related contents. Micro Niche Blogging means choosing a very Micro Niche & writing a post on it like  Fever , etc.

How to Earn Money by Making Niche Blog

Niche Blog is to create and Common Blog making online difference that Common Blog you may be made without making any specific Research, but do you do Proper Research and Planning for Niche Blogs | Along with some of the scams, your skills, interests, etc. can easily be made a Niche Blog.So that you can earn money working from home.

1. Identify your Passion

If you do not like Bajaj Bikes, then creating a blog about their Qualities will prove to be a bad idea for you. If you like them a little too much but do not have your keen interest in them then do not make the mistake of making them their own niche.How To Earn Money Online With Niche Blog? Without InvestmentMeaning of the thing is that whatever you like and which you like very much to know and talk about, just make the topic related to those things your Niche.

2.Set up Your own blog

If you want start blog  then you have to first need and Domain name for your branding.There are many companies offer domain for to registered like godady,Bigrock etc. How To Earn Money Online With Niche Blog? Without InvestmentAfter purchasing a domain name ,you have to required web hosting where your all deta will be stored. 

After taking Domain name and web hosting,now you will have to Design your website or blog.

3.Chose your Niche 

A good niche is one which is related to what you like, has good traffic, and also has a  values. More than that, your niche should have a future on that ,

If you  write about Shoping online, then you write about laptop  tomorrow, and then you start talking about mobile phone next week. This kind of setup has its own more  problem; you will fail to attract a targeted audiences online.So, you have to select any one Niche so that you can success in blogging world for money and passion.

4. Start typing

You can start writing when your blog is set fully. You should not be hasty enough to increase traffic to your blog. Because those visitors will not come to your blog as new and incomplete. How To Earn Money Online With Niche Blog? Without InvestmentTherefore, it is necessary to have 10-12 good posts on your blog , then try it for SEO and share it with people on Social Media Platforms.

5. SEO

SEO is one of the best method by which our Blog receives Organic Traffic. Through SEO, your blog gets good ranking in Search Result. This will increase the visitors visiting this blog by clicking on this linking . How To Earn Money Online With Niche Blog? Without InvestmentThere are many On-Page Techniques and Off-Page Techniques for Enhancing SEO-

On-Page SEO Techniques

Write good quality articles
Use the Best Keywords and Long-Tail Keywords at Every Post Use keywords in Heading and Sub Heading
Attractive Meta Discription
Alt Attribute of Image

Off-Page SEO Techniques (Link Building Techniques)

Guest Posting
Join Social Media
Submit your articles to article directories
Infographics Submission
Answering Questions in Forums

6. Monetize Your Blog

You have made a blog by choosing your Niche. Now you need to monetize your blog to start earning money from them. Monetizing means making money through showing Ads on your Blogs ,via Affiliate Marketing, Paid Reviews,Sponsorship etc.

The easiest way to monetize is Google Adsense.just You have to sign up in it, then Google Analyze your Blog. After being fully satisfied, he approves your blog. then Google Adsense’s Approval Policy is a bit scary, so if you want your blog to get approval quickly, sign in to Google Adsense only after having at 1000 visits per day on your blog.How To Earn Money Online With Niche Blog? Without InvestmentYour blog should have at least 40-50 good quality posts, contact us and about Us section.them can prove to be a tough one.In addition to Google Adsense, you can earn good money through Affiliates Marketing. For this, joining a good affiliate programs, you can find their Affifiates Links Place Place Commission in your blog. For more information on Affiliate Marketing.

There are many companies now a days who  contact to  Famous Blogger for writing Paid reviews of their products. When your blog is also Famous, you can earn money by writing Paid reviews of the a specific product or service of a company.



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