How to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment


Everybody in the world needs money to fulfill their needs because there is nothing even in this world without money. Most of the young generation in the world ruin their precious time in the Internet world and some people also search for ways to make money online so that they can earn money online in india easily by sitting at home. But sometimes you get to know some of the websites that are fake and fraud that lets you stop dreaming of making money online. But today I will tell you some ways to earn money online so that you can earn money sitting at home.

  • It has been seen that 65% out of 100 people search for online money on internet so that they can earn money sitting at home. I hope you also want to know about how to earn money online, then you are reading this post. Friends, 1000 ways to earn money online but some of them will be fake and some real.
  • Due to Fraud many people do not like the way to earn money online or say that people do not believe that they can earn online money too. Especially in India, a lot of people are uneducated, due to which they do not believe in online income.
  • I will tell you about the thing about here, or you may have heard it for the first time, but you can believe 100% on it. Today there are a lot of people in the world who are making good money online.

How to earn money online ?

To earn money you have to have some talent whether you are earning online or working in a company offline. Everyone has different talents and everyone gives better performance in different fields.10 Online Full Time / Part Time Jobs From Home Without Investment/Make Money OnlineSome people say that we do not have any talent but I say that they are wrong because they have a huge talent hidden in them which they are not able to recognize. Often people are not respected by their talent or people often do not recognize their talents, and when the time passes, they begin to regret that we could do the same.

What are the requirements for making money online?

As the name suggests, here we are earning money online and online requires any device as well as a device for running the internet, whether it is a mobile device or a mobile device tab or computer or laptop.

  • Internet 
  • Mobile / Computer
  • patience
  • Talent in any field

We talked about patience in the third point here because earning money is not easy. To earn money, it is very important to have patience in order to earn money because you can get years in earning money online, meaning that you will work hard all year, after which your earning will start. Sometimes your earning starts within a month. Depends on your work.

I talk about Talent in the fourth point, as long as you do not recognize your talent, you can not get good income till you bring your talent to the world. To say talent means you should be fond of writing, or have a desire to make a video etc.

1.Make money by creating a blog

Blog is like a website which gets information about something new on a daily basis or at a time interval. If, in simple words, it is like an online diary, where you write your knowledge everyday and share it with others. How to Earn Money Online in India Without InvestmentPeople say that blogging is very easy but I say that it is neither easy nor difficult. If your passion is blogging i.e. you have a passion to write, blogging will be easy for you to some extent. You can make money by creating a better blog.

There are still a lot of people who think that our blog opens, we will get their money, but it is not so, we get money from advertisements, which means that we add money to the ads we add to our blog. To open the blog |

How to Make Money from Blog

If you have already created a blog, you will have to first bring visitors to your blog to earn money, and if these visitors are coming through a search engine then it is a great deal for you and if only social media such as Facebook Visitors are coming through Twitter, first of all try to bring visitors through the search engine.

You wrote posts that are already very low on the internet. This increases the chances of your blog post rank and visitors visit visitors through your search engine on your blog. Now we will know how to earn money by making a blog.


There are many companies that pay advertising money such as Google Adsense, etc. Most people prefer Google Adsense because it supports most languages ​​as well as the world’s largest company is Google’s product.

Affiliate marketing

Large online e-commerce companies or domain and hosting provider companies provide you link to sell your product, which you have to link to on your blog, and then whenever a user is using that link If you buy any of that company’s product then you get some% commission. This is a very good way to earn money.

Writing Review

When your blog gets popular, big companies or big institutions (institutions) will ask you to write a post on your blog for which you can charge them.

Make money by uploading videos to YouTube

YouTube is the third most popular website in the world, although children are childdreaming on YouTube today. Since Jio has come to India, people have been spending more time in the Internet world and in this way people spend time on YouTube mostly. How to Increase 4000 Hours Watch Time 1000 Subscribers On Youtube ChannelIf you also spend time watching videos on YouTube, then this post is very helpful for you. Now you can earn money from YouTube

  • If you have a good talent, have good talent, you can create a video of it and upload it to YouTube and earn money through advertising.
  • If your YouTube channel becomes very popular then people will ask you to create a video for promotion of your product for which they will give you some money.
  • Even more so, whenever a mobile or anything new that launches in the market, it will be contacted by the company to tell the people about it or to review it, after which they will have to supply the product with you. We will send and ask him to review.

You can keep that product after you have reviewed because the product with the review will not ask you back. All the options that I told to earn from blogs are also applied here too.

Make Money Online by becoming a Content Writer:

If you are interested in writing and if you do not want to create your blog then you can earn money by writing a post on someone else’s blog. There are a lot of bloggers in the world who give money by writing the content.

If you want to become a content writer, you can search online or join the blogging group in Facebook and then ask them which blogs will be available for writing.

The more content you write, the more you get the money, but always keep one thing that your content should not be copied. You can take the help of internet and other websites to do research, but after research, you have to write the post thinking on that topic yourself.

How to Earn Money Online by Freelancing

If you have free time then you can work for someone else sitting at home. There are a number of websites on the Internet that provide freelancing work such as

On you will find many different types of tasks that you can complete sitting at home and take money from them. There are many more websites of Freelancing that you can search on the internet.

Make Money Online from Facebook

When you use Facebook every day in your daily life, but do you know that you can make money even through Facebook. Yes, you are reading right.

To make money online from Facebook, you must first create a Facebook page where you can share information that is helpful for people or even a page of poetry. And when you have lots of likes on your page like millions of pages, you can advertise about any product or any company and earn money from it.facebook 10 Online Full Time / Part Time Jobs From Home Without Investment/Make Money OnlineThe most commonly used social sites in the world are Facebook, which also uses child child. Every new company starts or starts a new product, then they all plan to advertise more about themselves or about their product so that more people can know about their product and such In Facebook, Facebook is a very good medium because all the people from the younger generation to the old people use Facebook


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