How Much Google Adsense Pay to Publisher of 1K Ads Clicks

google adsense
If we talk make money online then   google adsense comes in first,main focus of blogging is make money from internet.
Many blog owners are making a lot of money but some newbie blogger have many question about google adsense
I will tell you  about google adsense earning that how much they paid to website publisher.
We show ad of any advertising service on our website ,when any visitor view that ad then adverting services pay money to them.
 I am going talk about adsense earning ,how much adsense pay 1000 per ad view ,how much earning may be on website,if you want to know then you are right place.

How to make money ?

When we show ad of google adsense on our website or any visitor comes n website and click that ad google adsense pay money to  the publisher per click ad. Your earning not may be only visitor,you  will get paid per click ads .google adsense account

You might have noticed Adsense publisher talking more about CTR and less about CPC.If your website traffic is 1000 visitor and 1000 clicks on ad,Google adsense earning depends on your CPC(Cost per click).

If you calculate your earning in CTR (Click through rate)  for example, if your website get 100 visitor of 20  clicked ad daily then your CTR may be 20 % .

CPC depends on Fallowinfg factor

When anyone clicks on ads,the your commision( cpc) depends many point,If you are really serious about your Adsense revenue.

You have not directly control over the CPC rates and therefore you should have to care about some areas which indirectly helps to increase the CPC should work more on CPC than CTR.CPC Depends on following facter

1.Niche of website

This is first thing to get CPC, CPC depends on your website or blog topic,google ads will show according to your topic or niche,

if you use highest traffic targeted topic then you will get high commision rate,here is the list niche topics that can improve your CPC rate,you should use these niche

  • Tech Gadgets
  • Domains and webhosting
  • Google tools
  • Financial Planning- Banking
  • Automobiles
  • Education
  • Health Care niche
  • Blogging niche
  • Internet Business
  • Make Money Online
  • Website Designing
  • Real Estate
  • Home Loans niche
  • Jobs niche
  • Dating & Romance niche

2. Text and Images

The second thing is your format of text and images,if you showing three ads, then choose 336 X 280 ads and  468 X 60 ad.Then ad format must be text because text ads have higher CTR (click through rate),You shoult use both ad  formate beccause it gives more CPC.

If you want high CPC then I will strongly recommend all of you to enable both Text & Display Ads types for your all AdSense Ad Units.

It will increase the number of advertisers to your site ensuing higher CPC rates for them.image ads perform better in terms of higher CTR but CPC won’t be as good as text ads.

3.Ads placement to get High CPC

The  third  thing is that You should never place your all three Ad unit code in one place.You should use different – different places and ads,you can place ads on middle and sides of your blog post.If you do as ,you get more click and more CPC.

Some newbie website owners make mistake that Can’t make money from Ads placing. If you want highest CPC then you must place ads on right place to get more  impression and CPC.

4.Writing of content

If you use without highest searching content on your blog then you will not achieve more CPC, because user doesn’t get answers of their questions .

You should keep in mind that you must write content,what kind of readers searching on the internet.

If you are newbie in that field I remmend you to first gain knowledge of of that field,You should try to low content spelling mistake , because reader like fresh and understand standable content.

5.Language of content

If you are using mix content then reader will not come on your website to read article ,if your website is English language ,you should use only English word.

If you mix hindi and english then reader can be confuse to read article ,mix content also cofusee to search engine .If you wish to target highest CPC ,you must keep in mind that write fresh and your content which you targeted.

If you have any questions in your mind then feel  free to ask using my comments box ,I will reply you early .If this postwas usefull for you ,so you can like ,share,follow our social pages.


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