How to Increase 4000 Hours Watch Time 1000 Subscribers On Youtube Channel

How to Increase 4000 Hours Watch Time 1000 Subscribers On Youtube Channel

If you want to know that  how to increase youtube 4000 hour watch time  1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel,then you are at good place . all the tips and information has been explained here . So that you can Increase 4000 Hours Watch Time 1000 Subscribers fastly.How to Increase 4000 Hours Watch Time 1000 Subscribers On Youtube ChannelAs you all know, from 17 January, YouTube has changed the rules of its monetization. If you are a new  YouTuber , then you need to complete 1000 hours and 4000 Hours Watch Time within 12 months to enable Monetization on your channel. If you do this within 12 months then  video monetization will be enabled on your channel ,after that you can make money from YouTube.

  • If you are an Old YouTuber i.e. you have already made a channel on youtube and already have monetization enabled on your channel but your 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time .
  • For completing 4000 Hours Watch Time, I am going to tell you a few different ways to understand all these ways  then If you use these methods well, you will be able to Increase 4000 Hours Watch Time 1000 Subscribers in the shortest possible time.

Increase 4000 Hours Watch Time 1000 Subscribers

1.Quality Contents

You should effort to provide your views Good information that can add value to your readers.This is the most point to like your video to youtube views.It can be helpful for you to grow your youtube channel subscribers and viewers . 

2. Upload the Trending Vides

If you want to complete 4000 Hours Watch Time as soon as possible, upload the trending video first. By Trending Video I mean the video that is most discussed now or the news (news) is in the most recent discussion which people are watching the most and liking them, make the video as soon as possible and upload it Do it.

Because when you create a video on the news discussion, people see that video because people want to know about that news, so that they will see your video complete and this is why you get good watch time.

3. Longer Video

If you want increase your video watch time then you must keep in mind that you should shoot out or make longer video ,because it will help you to gain your youtube channel watch time.

4. Right Tags ( Keywords)

The tags help viewer to find out your video on search result of youtube Tags react like Website Search engine optimization. Whenever someone searches the video on a topic, many videos comes in youtube search and say that you have also made a video on the same topic , you have tagged properly on your video.

if someone likes or likes your video, then he will definitely watch your video, then by putting a good tag you can also  gain up to 4000 Hours watch time on your channel. Time can be done quickly as soon as possible.

5. Use Good Title and Thumbnail

When you make a video and upload it, keep thinking a good title for it and make a nice Thumbnail for it. Because whenever your video appears to anyone on YouTube, it shows the thumbnail of your video and the title of the video.

So if your video’s title and thumbnail are not good then people will see many things and if the title and thumbnail are good Then, in front of which your video will go, he will definitely see it once and if your video is good then he will be able to see it completely. By using good titles and thumbnail, you can also complete 4000 Hours Watch Time on your channel as soon as possible.

6. Use End Screen and Cards

You can use End Screen and Cards in all your videos. Those who know about YouTube, they will know very well what End Screen and Cards are and what they do not know about them, I tell them that using End Screen, after uploading the video, at the end of your video at least 20 seconds. Inside the end screen, you can put your first uploaded video so that if someone sees your video completely, then your old video also appears on the video screen and if they like a video from those videos ,so you can Increase 4000 Hours Watch Time 1000 Subscribers fastly,

You can also click and view the logo of your channel so that people can subscribe to your channel by clicking on it. If you use End Screen and Cards, you can also complete 4000 Hours Watch Time on your channel as soon as possible.

7 Share the video

After uploading the video, share it as much as possible, such as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. so that your video can reach more people as long as your video does not reach the logo. You will not get Views and you will not get Watch Time till you get Views. Maybe you have a good advantage in this way or you do not have any special advantage, but still you have to share your videos because you never get the benefit in this way.

8. Collab With Big Youtubers

Apart from all this, you can collaborate with a big YouTuber. I have not created the Point of Collaboration separately because all YouTuber can not do this, only some YouTuber can do this. But it help to Increase 4000 Hours Watch Time 1000 Subscribers, you must do so.

  • This gives you more benefits and your 4000 Hours Watch Time is also completed in a very short time. 
  • if you know any YouTuber who has 10,000 Subscribers or more then you can put the video in their Community tab and add your Channel to their End Screen in their video. You can also insert a link to your channel (URL) in their video description.
  • This is to say that if you have a good identity with some of you Big YouTuber, then you can complete your 4000 Hours Watch Time in a very long time.

Hey guys ! thanks for reading about how to Increase 4000 Hours Watch Time 1000 Subscribers. i hope that , it was helpful for you .if you have any question realted to this arcle .then feel free to ask.


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