How do I know ? if my Android has a virus. Virus Infected Your Smartphone

virus on smartphone

Android is the most used operating system worldwide. Today there are more than 100 million users worldwide. There are some problems with every famous thing, and Android is also not insulated from it.

Hackers are experimenting with new tricks to trap Android users in their trap so that you download a suspicious app and they can easily get the secret information related to you.

The presence of a virus in the phone can be dangerous for your privacy. Let’s tell you that how to detect the virus in the phone .

If your mobile data is suddenly exponentially higher than it used to be, then there may be a reason why viruses infiltrating your mobile may also be there. If your data is spent more frequently than the previous month, then it is understood that your mobile or tab is in vicious circle.

SMS charging in mobile bill? The phone has a virus

  • If your mobile bill is being taken with unnecessary SMS charges then your phone may have a virus.
  • You can easily find out that SMS is not being sent from your phone to the premium rate number and that too without your knowledge.
  • The premium rate number is a special number on which the charge for sending a message is much higher than the normal

Having more battery costs means your phone has a virus.

  • Viruses not only cost data on your mobile but also have a great impact on your mobile battery.
  • Once you download the app with the virus, you can notice that the battery of your phone is rapidly down.

Suddenly pop-ups mean viruses in your phone

  • If you click on notifications such as pop ups, notifications, unwanted reminder and system warning, this also increases your virus in your device.
  • So avoid clicking on such reminders and system warnings and do not go to such sites where they look more.

If your phone has an unwanted Apps

There are some apps that are installed without your knowledge in your mobile that Apps harm your mobile phone via Trojan Malware are automatically downloaded.

If you see apps that you did not have installed in the phone, remove them immediately.


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