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Download youtube video downloader tips step by step

In this article, I will tell you how to download video from YouTube without using any software.As you know that unlimited videos are available on YouTube, but you can’t download YouTube video directly.

There are many softwares available on Internet, which help you to download video from Internet that is called video downloader.
Today, I will tell you to download YouTube video without using any another software, so let’s know.

How To  download Youtube video

1. First go to official website of And open your interesting video which you want to download.

2. Now click on video’s permalink or URL(// ). Here you have to replace the SS in place of //www.

3. Then you will get url like this ( And Enter or Go to this link.

4. You will redirected to this website like given in screenshot.downoad youtube video downloader

 Select your Video Quality And Click on Download button. So Once you click on download buuton then your video will get started to download .

Save/ Watch Offline youtube videoDownload youtube video

If you are using mobile and you don’t want download youtube video. Then you can do it easing youTube Android application. Only you have to download official YouTube Android app.

1.  Open Youtube app open the video that you want to save offline mode.

2. Now you will see save button, you have to click on save button.

3. Once you click on save button, then YouTube will ask to you select YouTube account .

4. After selecting your YouTube account,you will have to choose video quality.Then your video will be Saved on Offline mode, You can watch that video without any internet or WIFI Connection.

By following this is in steps, you can easily download video from YouTube without struggling or facing problem.

I hope that this article post was very useful for you. if you have any questions for me then you can feel free to ask.


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