Flipkart affiliate programe app install make money through affiliate link

filpkart affiliate programe to earn money online throught app install apps marketing step by step

Today, I am going to talk about how to make money through flipkart affiliate programe app install. You already know that flipkart is one of the most eCommerce online shopping website.

If you are searching to earn money with app install then Flipkart app affiliate program is the most way to make money.

Maybe ? you know that you can make money through affiliate program of Flipkart but I want to tell you that you can make money through flipkart affiliate app.

How you can earn money flipkart affiliate programe app install.

When you join Flipkart apps affiliate program, when Flipkart will give you a unique referral uRL or link that is called affiliate link. When you share affiliate link on social networking sites, and request your friend to download app through referral URL.

It is free to join affiliate program of Flipkart, you don’t have to pay anything. Once your referral earning reached about 1000 INR Rupees then you can transfer on your bank account or you can buy Flipkart product.

  • Flipkart will pay you 40 rupee per app install through affiliate link
  • You can earn 25 per install through direct download app.

How To Join Flipkart Affiliate Programe App Install

To join Flipkart affiliate programe app install,there is a very to sample,only you need to a having a website.If you don’t have website ,you can use optimized social media pages and if you have created page.

If you don’t have website then i recommed you to create website one.If you want know, how can i create free website read here.

You can also use Social pages such as google plus,Twitter ,facebook ,linkdin page to promote affiliate app.

1. First you need to go website of flipcart affiliate.flipcart.com to register for Flipkart affiliate marketing,and click on Join Now For Free button.how to join free flipcart affiliate programe

2. Now you will see a new register  page , fill your ,E-mail id ,Password,you can see below in screenshot and click on Register me button.how to sinup free flipcart affiliated programeNow ,Flipcart will send you a E-mail with Conformation link ,you need to click on that link and Activate your account .Now ,You will receive again a Wellcome massage on your email adress,You account have been created ,you need to login flipkart account.For login to account go to login account .login flipkart affiliated program

Flipkart Affiliate Program works, same other affiliated programe, you can create unique affiliate URL of  any product or you can put their banners on your website to make money online.

You can promote flipkart mobile app,when you promote affiliate link of mobile app.Then any visitor click on that promoted link and install app ,you will get commision of each flipkart app installed.

3. One you Signed in your affiliated account ,you are in Dashboard,where you can see a snapshot showing your earnings and traffic.

Now ,you have to click on select button and share your affiliate link on various website and social networking web page.
filipkart affiliate program apps install make money online.1

If you have website, then you go to your website Dashboard > HTML text Wadget>Past this code where you want to show app install banner of flipkart.

I think that i have done all procedure of How To join and earn money from affiliate program to earn money. if you have any question about this post ,then you can ask free.


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