6 Step To Earn Money Online With Youtube Without investment


If you want earn money with youtube as working parttime ,full time ,so its possible.You can make career on youtube. There are many tips and trick are available on internet to earn money online youtube ,but some  are not comfortable way  to make money online. Today ,i am going to tell you how you can make money with youtube.Earn money online youtube

As you know that youtube is a most popular social networking website ,where you can upload video and grow your business online.Youtube offer video creater or publisher to earn money online youtube with help of video.If you don’t know that how to make money with youtube,then you follow our step.

Step To Earn Money On Youtube

If you are newbie on youtube,i know that you don’t have idea to earn money with youtube .In this post i will guide you to make money step-by-step with becoming youtube partner programe.

1.Create or sign in  Youtube Account

If you having google gmail account then you easily sign in on youtube,Google offer all google services to use one google account.You create account on youtube first and customize your profile.

2.Create Youtube Channel

Once you sign in on your youtube account,now you have to create a youtube channel,your youtube channel will be used as brand name .Complete your channels’basic info,cover photo that is known as channel art and Logo of channel .

You can also create channel using your default google account name .but i recommend create other brand name as youtube channel.

3.Start Uploading Videos

Now,you upload videos on your youtube channel,if you going to upload video on youtube channel .You must upload own video,you don’t use some one’s video .If you use other video then you will get compyright strike and punished by google .

You can upload video on any cotegories such as education,internet technology,helth care,security etc.But keep in mind that sexual and adult contents are not allow on youtube.

4.Monetize Video

When you uploaded youtube video start geting views 1000-2000 per day ,you go to monetize your each video.Once you monetize your youtube video.then youtube will show ads on your each video.When any visitor watch your videos.

Then you will generate revenue from ads .youtube will show Ads on your youtube video but you will not get money,you have to link your youtube channel with google adsense then you will get money.

5.Link Youtube hannel with Google adsense Account

To start geting money ,you have to associate or link your youtube channel with Google adsense that is payment service of google or  youtube.First you have to create news google adsense account . After creating account ,you have to wait for adsenseaccount get approved.

You associate that account with your youtube channel. Once youtube channel  linked with adesense, then your earning will be start.

6.Start Earning & Enjoy

I think that you have complete to  earn money.Now ,you will be start earn money with youtube .Once your youtube earning reach  minimum $100,

then you will get money on your bank account through wired trasnfer or check draft on your adress.

If you use  terms & condition of  earn money online youtube,then you can earn a lot of  money.There is not limit to mak money with youtube.

I hope guys,these artcles was very usefull for you,if you have any question for me .Then you can ask through comment box. You don’t forget to like ,share and follow me on various social media pages.

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