Difference between Domain and Web hosting

Differrece between domain & web hosting
detail of domain and web hosting

Hello Guys,I am going to write articles about domain & web hosting ,you will know meaningfull of domain &  web hosting. Now Aday,domain & web hosting is going to moste popular for creating a  website

Difference b/w Domain & Web hosting

Domain is kown adress of web pages which is used for identify of any ip adress ,If you want setup your website then you will need a domain name like this (www.example.com). A domain name or domain is connected to a specific IP (Internet Protocol) address of a server where the web page is being hosted. Here’s an example: http://www.obetdream.com is a domain name of our own site.

Types of Domain

You know? types of domain ,you dont confuse here because i am going to tell you domains cotegories.

Tld (Top level domain): Top level domain had developed befor internet, Google also gives more importance to top level domain. Top level domain gets more traffic and top ranking on internet.

Some TLDs example –

  • www.mydomain.com( Commercial use)
  • www.mdomain.net ( Network)
  • www.mydomain.gov (Goverment)
  • www.mydomain.org(Organization)
  • www.mydomain.edu (education)

CcTLD (Country code top level domains) – If you want focus your business coutry area then you can register or buy this types of domain. CcTLD has cotegorised country based ,you can see some example-

  • obetdream.in(india)
  • obetdream.pk( Pakistan)
  • obetdream.gb ( Great britain)
  • obetdream.us (United state of america)


Sub Domain-If any name added befor your main tld that is called sub domain .You can see here, tech.has been added with obetdream.com tld.

  • tech.obetdream.com
  • blog.obetdream.org

How can i buy or register domain:

If you want register or buy domain using your custom adress then you will need to a registrar(company).If you bought premium domain in .com tld ,you can sell your domain with smart price.

If you wish to buy any domain then i suggest you to buy domain name from these great company .

  • namecheap.com
  • name.com
  • register.com
  • bigrock.com
  • Godaddy.com

You know about Web hosting-

When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address into their browser
web hosting

  • Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser.

There are various types of web hosting services available to host your website. Before signing up for web hosting services, it is important to understand what kind of service your website needs, the kind of server you or your business needs, your budget, and what type of services the web host offers.

If you want access your website /create new website then you will need buy web hosting from any well supported web hosting company ,if you wish to host your website ,you can use following following company-

1.Bluehost      2.Hostgator

I hope This post is very usefull for you about  Domain & web hosting ,if you want ask question about related this post then you can by commenting on comment box.If you like this can follow my social pages and like also



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