How To Make Account on Fiverr ?Make Money Online


fiverr is the best  marketplace to make money online,you are thinking what is fiverr.i recommend you read my last post about fiverr.If you are a blogger or internet marketer, then you have listen about fiverr .But you don’t have idea to create account fiverr .I will tell you create account  fiverr.

How to make money with fiverr

You can make money from fiverr creating gigs for needed person ,if you know web designing ,logo design,blog post articles writting ,internet marketing ,web advertising,music writer,music mixing, you can make passive income . You can work on fiverr at parttime and fulltime according to manage your time.Fiverr pay you 5$ each gigs you complete.

How to create account fiverr

Step 1.To creating account on fiverr you will need to go official website of fiverr,then page will be open of fiverr ,then click on join to join on fiverr

Step2.A new page will be open that is joining page of fiverr , to join on fiverr ,you enter you email adress on given box .You can also join using your facebook profile or google plus account.After enter email adress on box and you go to continue to create account on fiverrr

When you click on continue button, you wiill receive a email massage in your email inbox from fiverr, you need to conferm email adress clicking on given link .As you click on link you get a massage from fiverr your account has been successfully  active . But you are not fully completed ,you need to setup some profile setting .

How to account setting on fiverr

When your profile will be active then you can see your profile top in right side ,to setup account you will need to click on account setting ,then a account setup form or box will be open ,you need to fill detail .

how to account setting on fiverr

1.Enter your full name

2.You need to enter your email adress

3. Enter your full name / your business full name

4. You full adress

5.Enter your country

6.If you have Vat id then enter other wise leave it blank.

Now you need to complete your public profile setting

how to public profile setting on fiverr


  1. First choose a profile photo
  2. Write biography about self
  3. Select online status
  4. Add your communicaion language in which your expert.

then click on save changes button,now your profile and account setting has been completed fully.If you want to make money creating or selling gigs then you need to create gigs read ahead.

How to create Gigs

To create gigs login your fiverr account and go to selling>Create a gig.

how to create gigs on fiverr

Now you will see a page that your gigs creation page ,here you will need fill the all box as given in the screenshot.

how to create gigs on fiverr

1.Write title of your gig, you don’t write i will because i will already added. for  example-   Create a logo for your website.

2.Choose your gigs contegory and sub cotegory.

3.Choose cover photo from your computer.

4.Put a photo in which formate given

5.You write a description about your gigs ,tell the audience what kind of is your logo and what are the features.

6.Write tags ,you can put only three tags.

7.Set time duration ,tell the buyers how many time you take to deliver order.

then click on save changes button, now your gig has been created .

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  1. Great article! Fiverr isn’t only good for finding people to do small tasks for you, you can also use it as a means of earning passive income.


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