Top 10 Tips To Choose Qality Domain name /Buy Domain/Register

top 10 tips to buy domain name quality domain to buy

Every body want having own website,so that they can publicity of own product on front of online or internet audience.If youwnat create website,then you will need to buy a domain name ,but some new person don’t have idea to buy quality domain name .

If you want website then you will need a domain name for identify your website.I already written a article related difference bitween domain and webhosting.

If you want quality domain and user friendly domain name to buy then you are right place.

You Should To buy These Quality Domain Name 

  • Make it easy to type
  • Keep short Domain
  • Easy to Remmember
  • Seo/keyword Friendly
  • Unique and Brandable
  • Read review
  • Avoid Number and Hyphens
  • Target Your Area
  • Go to with .com,.org, .net Tld
  • Copyright Infringement

1.Make it Easy To Write

When you go to register a domain name,you must keep in mind that you to buy or register,you domain name must easy to write ,If you use writable domain so that  your users can visit your website again.

2.Keep Short and Sweet

You should register very short, and sweet domain.You should choose 5 to 7 characters domain to register ,its very easy to remmemer also. The shorter your name, the more memorable.

 There are a lot of benefits to a short name. For Example:  , etc

3.Easy to remmeber

Registering a easy to rememberable  domain is great think ,you must choose domain which is very comfortable to remember,it bring visitor to revisit your website .

4.Seo /Keyword Friendly

You should keep your domain seo friendly and match your targeted keyword ,For example – If you going to plan a blogging, I recommed to  choose like

If you choose keyword friendly your domain name then you will get ranked early on search engine.You will get more benefits of buying keyword friendly domain.

5.Unique And Brandable

I recommed to choose domain for your business that identify your business.You domain name must Branded and unique ,For example – and etc .

6. Read Reviews

If you are new in internet field ,i recommed to read review first  on internet ,you can take help of your friend about it .

if you friend keep knowledge about domain or there are many bloggers are available on internet, you take help of them.

7. No hyphens & Number

You don’t  create a domain name with hyphens. Hyphens can be a sign of spam domains. If you are realy serious in online business then must avoid the number and hyphens use as domain name.

You don’t want to give the wrong impression to potential visitors. It will loss your website. traffice.  example- [email protected]().com  , 12my))

9.Go With Great TLD

If you are going to successfull online business ,you will need to choose  .com . org .net etc tld. because If you choose these tld to register ,you can grow up your business as multinational leval .

You can target your client all over the world.I most recommed to buy .com domain name becauseyou can use it multi purpose

10 Avoid Copyright Ingringement

You should know  that domain name you want to register does not violate any copyrights or trademarks. You must avoid copyright .

If you register copyright or other trademark name you then you will be punished by copyright act law.

You must first research the domain before register,To avoid, you can search for U.S. trademarks at .

I hope,these top 10 tips are very intresting and usefull ,If you like my post ,you can share and fallow me on social media page.

You have any question related my post ,you can ask using our comment box.


  1. Greetings! Quite helpful advice on this post! It really is
    the small changes that make the largest changes. Thanks a
    lot for sharing!


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