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Friends,Today I will tell you that how to increase traffic on your Blog or Website. This is the most asked and searched topic on internet, Social Media and Forum.

increase traffic of website

This is the my openion & many other bloggers and SEO Service Provider Company have already written about this topic. But the newbie bloggers do not focus in these topics.If  You have made your blog but if there are no Increase traffic on you website, then you can not make money with your  blog or website. website traffic is the very important for you to get started to make money online..

Keep in mind that if you want get ranked your search engine ,so you should write article on trending topics,if you publish article on your website on latest topic which can increase traffic, then may be more chance to get ranked.

I mean to say that you should write content ,in which internet users are searching online . Trending Topic should also be related to the Niche of your Blog. If Tending Topic is out of your Blog Niche, then Quality Traffics will not come to your blog.

What is Quality Traffic ?Increase Traffic (SEO)

If you want to know something related to Tech or want to know the latest update, then like to follow or subscribe to the Website, which is Niche Specially to increase traffic of website blog

Similarly, if you want to know something related to Health, then you find a website that is related to Specially Health.When internet visitors come on your website with help of search engine and read your articles,This activity is called Quality traffic of website.

 If you are a niche Specialist, then visitors will also follow you and they will be your daily visitors.The better advantage is that if you recommend something to them, then they will do it. The company or the product that you recommend,so  company will you and on your websites blog.

Now I will share with you some special tips that you can increase traffic on your website or blog.

These can be helpful for you to geting high quality website traffic.

  • Always try to write Series Post.
  • If you have ever experimented, then he must share it.
  • Share your Professional Life
  • Do not keep your Personal Details Hide.
  • Tell your visitors about yourself.
  • Share your every single post on Social Media Profile and Page.
  • If possible, try posting on a fix time.
  • Post Daily on Blog.
  • Let’s answer the comment.
  • Please send short answer to the problem of you readers on the Forum related to Blog by Niche, along with share the link of your post.
  • Use the image inside the post.
  • Submit Post to Major Search Engine Google Yahoo Bing.
  • Content Copy should not be done at all.
  • Post Title is Clear and Catchy
  • Your post must have at least 500 words or above.
  • you should write daily post and update your old post weekly ,

You should share your post on various social media pages ,which can help you to get high traffic on your website. Lets Imagine ,if I would share Minimum 1000 shares with my different Facebook account with tag 100 different friends and other in every share.then 

Total React = 1000 * 100 = 100000

10% of Total React on Post, means 10,000 Reaction comes from which 8 to 10% of Reaction is clicked and read to My Post.  I recommend you that should always start blogging with single Niche, you will get the benefit , if you do this then 40% to 50% Visitors will become your Regular Visitor..

So friends ,you should follow then point to get high traffic on your website or blog ,You don;t forget to share to your friends & like my various social media pages,Because it help me to getting better support. Thank to all..


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