Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners 2019

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Joining the Best Affiliate marketing programs for beginners gives advertisements for the products to the company. And you are given commission when you sell them. Let me tell you that it can get commission from Rs.$2 to Rs.$150. What will be the commission? it depends on the product and the company. This means that your income depends on the benefit of the company, depending on the amount of money you get on that product.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn money online from internet. Today there are thousands of websites that offer affiliate programs. Affiliate program is started, to promote your site or product. By an example, you explain what affiliate marketing is? -: Suppose is an online shopping site that starts affiliate program to promote your site.

Now you join affiliate program of that site. After that you will add the AIDS, banners, text, and links of that site to your website in your blog, website or Facebook page. Now if a visitor clicks on your site from AIDS, banners, text and links on that site. And makes a product purchase.

Then the owner of that site will give you commision. This whole process is called affiliate marketing program. So friends, today there are over 1000 sites which run affiliate programs. If you get more benefits from which you can join affiliate program of that site.

How Does Income From Affiliate Marketing?

The company you join with affiliate program will give you codes for text ads, display ads, lin ads, banner ads. Which you have to put in your site, blog or facebook page. Now if a visitor buys a product from your site by clicking on an advertisement of that company then the affiliate company will commission you.

So this is an income in this way. What is the commission on a product is that the price of that product and the affiliate company decides.

  • These commissions can be from 1 $ to 1000 $. When a visitor purchases the affiliate company’s product from your site, then you will get income. Therefore, on your site there should be 5000 + Visitors daily.
  • Then you will benefit. The affiliate program at a site with less visitors will not be of any use to it. Let me tell you once again, that you will earn only after buying the affiliate company product. There is no income by just clicking here.

Top 10 Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

If your site has per day 5000+ views. Only then you will profit from affiliate marketing. Because it is necessary to sell the product in it. Income is available only when the product is sold. If there are fewer Visitors in your site, then first you focus on inciting visitors.

Let me tell you one thing, it does not earn on clicking on ads. Income is only on sale. If you want to earn through ads, you can try AdSense. For complete information on AdSense, read the post related to AdSense for Tech Hindi Gyan.


You know about Amazon Company. Amazon is an online shopping site. This is a very popular company. Therefore there is no chance of being Fraud in it. Feel free to join Amazon’s affiliate program. You can earn a commission from 15% to 25% on one product.the biggest affiliate marketing network, Amazon has many advantages for its businessmen and their partners.

  • There are so many opportunities to set up a good business business in the sheer weight of the numbers. To tap into one and a half million vendors, this is undoubtedly an ideal entry point for beginners marketers.


Flipkart is India’s most popular online shopping site. You can join Flipkart’s affiliate program. It is India’s oldest company and is trustable too. In this you can earn up to 15% commission from one product. You can do good earnings by joining Flipkart’s affiliate program.

3. ClickBank

Clickbank has enjoyed the status of being a popular partner partner network for a while: it was one of the very first. In terms of products, it is moving towards the digital market, its focus is on objects like e-books. It is free to sign-up, which makes it ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are relatively new in this form of third-party advertising. affiliate marketing programs for beginners As soon as you have become a member of ClickBank, you automatically get access to the millions of eBooks sold by other members. It gives the ability to tap into a market that prompts to grow at all times.

The point of note is that the quality standards of some items are sometimes open for debate. On the plus side, the commission given by Clickbank is much higher than their competitors, and the payment always happens on time.


With the encouragement of $ 1,000 worth of welcome bonuses, is far ahead of its affiliate marketing network competitors. Its strength is that in the offer of various programs it gives members brief information about Best Affiliate marketing programs for beginners opportunities.  Best Affiliate marketing programs for beginnersIt is excellent even when it comes to optimization techniques.

5.Rakuten Linkshare

Although it is one of the longest-running affiliate marketing networks, but Rakuten Linkshare does not show any low popularity. It remains competitive in a fast-saturated market by ensuring that it is user-friendly for its broad customer base. affiliate marketing programs for beginners This platform provides its affiliate members who come with many different features.

  • One of the aspects to make it attractive for beginners is that it provides a system for rotating banner ads for the purpose of specific products. This makes them more convenient to administer in the form of promotional equipment in the long run. This allows for a variety of advertisements to be deployed with a single name, making it very attractive for new customers, which are not technically ready.


Commision Juction  Affiliates offers a variety of programs: Many thousand business partners are selling millions of products. This is especially attractive for those entrepreneurs who can consider various options in the initial stage of setting up their third party business.affiliate marketing programs for beginners It also offers an option for people of Affiliate Marketing who are willing to branch out to promote many products rather than focus on the niche areas.

7.MakeMyTrip (india)

MakeMyTrip is a hospitality company. This is also a very old company, so these companies will never cheat you. You can earn good income by joining its affiliate program. affiliate marketing programs for beginners If you have any Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Etc. So you can earn good commission in it.


Hostgator is a great site for hosting. You can earn good income by joining the affiliate program of this company. hostgator affiliates affiliate marketing programs for beginners You can place ads on your site. Any visitor from your site buys hosting from this company. So you’ll get a commission. Meaning will be income.

You can earn good income by joining their affiliate program. If you have any questions related to affiliate marketing then you can ask and comment on it. Hope you liked this post. If you like, please share this post in the social media.


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